Green center Stefanova - place to live and relax

Projekt sa realizoval v ;parku a ;priľahlých verejných priestranstvách situovaných v ;the central part of the village Stefanova, ;šošovkovito rozšírenom priestore s rozsiahlym ;parkom v ;middle of this space. Okrem revitalizácie parku a ;sadovníckych úprav boli dobudované a rekonštruované chodníky a ;public spaces, to build on the previous project. The project includes new playground, as well as game pieces for children. Main activities are 4 construction objects, that characterize the scope of the project:

SO 01 ; Rekonštrukcia chodníkov a spevnených plôch ;

SO 02 ; Greenery and furniture

SO 03 ; Reconstruction of public lighting

SO 04 ; playground

The objective is in line with the principles of sustainable development to form a green center Stefanova, which will be a place to live and relax inhabitants

Po ukončení realizácie projektu sa estetické i úžitkové hodnoty centra obce podstatne zvýšili. ;

Within SO 01 has refurbished the trails in the park and street sidewalk in total length 633 m, as well as 24 driveways. Furthermore, the representative square built in the form of a larger paved area, interconnecting facilities and amenities created to receive social life.

Within SO 02 It was in the interest area planted 31 trees, 55 roof, restored 3620 m2lawn. The concept led to the creation of green plantings village center, which will become the cornerstone of identity, community and ecological stability of the territory.

Supplemented with elements of type park movables (benches, trash bins, gazebo and well.) a 6 children's attractions. Squares and parks give the above aesthetic and functional quality, Supporting intensive social contacts.

Within SO 03 In view of the technical condition of the distribution was carried out comprehensive reconstruction of public lighting system - exchange 16 lighting units.

Construction of multipurpose within SO 04 created new opportunities for sporting activities residents. Celková plocha technicky zhodnotených objektov v ;The project is 5198 m2.

The situation before the implementation of project activities

The situation after the project with modified surfaces, editing paths, renovated hydrants and Restoration.