Community Guild Stefanovski

900 86 Stefanova 100
Reg. 27. 6. 2002 C. sp. VIS/1-900/90-20242
ICO: 31 81 15 15

Community Guild Stefanovski - further SCS - non-governmental organization was established 8. 8. 1998. Its main objectives are: maintain, cherish and restore the heritage of our fathers, given to us in the word, Scripture, morals, bohabojnosti, industriousness, traditions, our customs and sights, at all times honest existence of the village Stefanovski; take care of, to assist and enhance the environment, nature, monuments, education and culture of honest Stefanovski village and its surroundings; Every year as far as possible to ensure organizational meeting (Meeting) Community consolidate unity, svornosti, coexistence, recovery of memories, traditions and pass the baton to the reputations of our descendants. SCS uses room (klubovňa) in house "Old School", which is also installed Minimuzeum, makes occasional Stefanovski bells.

Community Guild committee Stefanovski (ďalej len “;SCŠ”;)

Mgr. kvetoslava Bošanská (Oškerová) ; rector SCŠ
Ing. Pavol Tekula –; deputy mayor SCŠ
Mary Sláviková (Kirinovičová) ; SCŠ treasurer
Ing. Marek Zemčík –; SCŠ alderman
Terézia Porkertová (Belicova) ; SCŠ alderman

Stefanovski bells 11/2017
Stefanovski bells 6/2017
Stefanovski bells 11/2016
Stefanovski bells 05/2016
Stefanovski bells 10/2015
Stefanovski bells 05/2015