Slovak Association of Technical Sports

The basic organization of technical sports Stefanova, Stefanova 98, 900 86

The oldest functioning organization was established in 1951 as the basic organization Zväzarm, that was in 1991 renamed the basic organization - Association of Technical and Sporting Activities. Later renamed the current name - the basic organization of technical sports (OTS) Stefanova.

Zots focuses on the overall development of sports, technical activities and the activities of its members and non-members. The main focus is sport for all, sport for all-round development of the young generation. The focus of the Slovak Association of Technical Sports and Activities, affecting me develop physical and mental human values, They are directed to the mass action and the organization of sporting and technical activities of basic organizations and with us especially by target shooting and table tennis.

The activities include :

športová činnosť ;- sport shooting, table tennis
cultural activities ;- arranging shooting, table-tennis competitions and day party

Chairman Zots: ;Miroslav Schmidt

Zots Stefanova has its own shooting range open type (Field shooting range) in Old brickyard.
It uses space (klubovňa) in Old School.