OZNAM –; collection of oil from households

Obec Štefanová oznamuje občanom, The municipal office informs the citizens day 18.8.2023 t. j. v piatok sa bude prevádzať zber oleja z domácností.

Ďalší zber sa bude realizovať:


Ponuka práce na pozíciu pomocná sila –; maid

Special purpose equipment of the NR SR Častá Papiernička is looking for a suitable candidate

; for a vacant job position auxiliary force-maid starting from 1. October 2023, indicative functional salary based on recognition of years of experience and after a probationary period of approx 900 €

The requirements and advantage is:

; relation to housework, cleanliness, cleaning

; health card (is not a condition)

Contact for CVs: