OZNAM –; COVID-19 screening testing

 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;;N A M –; screening testing - Štefanová

  • We inform the citizens, that day 23.01.2021 on Saturday, obec usporiada skríningové testovanie na ochorenie COVID –; 19 antigen tests.
  • The collection point will be the Social House in the village of Štefanová.
  • Testing will take place from 08:00 throw. do 20:00 throw.
  • Lunch break and disinfection will be from 12:00 throw. do 13:00 throw. The second break will be from 17:00 throw. do 17:30 throw..
  • Preference will be given to residents with permanent residence in the village Štefanová.
  • Exemptions from testing are available to young people until 15 years and seniors over 65 years.
  • Citizens do not have to take the test , who in the last 90 days have overcome COVID-19 and have been confirmed by a physician. Citizens with disabilities do not even need to be tested.