Slovak Association of Technical Sports

The basic organization of technical sports Stefanova, Stefanova 98, 900 86

The oldest functioning organization was established in 1951 as the basic organization Zväzarm, that was in 1991 renamed the basic organization - Association of Technical and Sporting Activities. Later renamed the current name - the basic organization of technical sports (OTS) Stefanova.

Community Guild Stefanovski

900 86 Stefanova 100
Reg. 27. 6. 2002 C. sp. VIS/1-900/90-20242
ICO: 31 81 15 15

Community Guild Stefanovski - further SCS - non-governmental organization was established 8. 8. 1998. Its main objectives are: maintain, cherish and restore the heritage of our fathers, given to us in the word, Scripture, morals, bohabojnosti, industriousness, traditions, our customs and sights, at all times honest existence of the village Stefanovski.

Protection in Stefanova has a long tradition. The development of modern hunting began adopting the Hunting Act č.225 of 1947, who were hunting lawfully made available to the general public or. been separated from the hunting rights of ownership to land and began to build a hunting ground within the scope of village.