The village Stefanova


The first permanent settlement Stefanova and its surrounding area falls within the Neolithic period, Neolithic. In our neighborhood surprisingly densely settled all locations on both sides of the creek Stefanovski including rocky alluvial cones and flood-endangered floodplains. Their pozostalosť in the form of stone tools, ceramics, outbreaks, daub of housing, etc.. It is also astonishing for millennia.

Bronze Age is the next stage in the development of intellect, organization of life, manufacturing processes, but also a gateway to history. Bronze with us naturalized around 1800 before Christ. The older iron age was less pronounced. Carriers strongly represented were younger Iron Age Celts.

After the Celtic period of our territory gradually disappearing and the Teutons and the released space are beginning to apply our direct ancestors - Slavs. In our neighborhood, the Slavs settled along Stefanovski and Bosnian creek. Their presence sporadic findings reveal fragments of pottery decorated with typical Slavic tilde.

Today Stefanova is heir Schönau, People's Šajnava (Nice Niva). Its distinguishing mark is the church, who probably built, but certainly renovated in 1500. Also they consecrated the church. Stephen. Schonau is in 1447 He mentioned under the name Seunaw and in 1451 I Seemaw. On the ruins of the defunct village of Schonau in 1588 Red stone has proprietor Nicholas Palffy new community - Stefanova.


The village Štefanová is located in Trnava Hills, in the foreground of the Small Carpathians. Its geographic location determine the coordinates 48 ° 23' s. with. š. a 17° 23´v. with. d. Administrative boundary is restored village district of Pezinok. The immediate background of the village is the original land area bordering the forest Lindavská, Budmerice, borovským, Dolansky and častianskym Chotár. It is the 672 he has.

Stefanova is roughly in the middle of the connector road Budmerice - Doľany. These municipalities also run direct services between the nearest, In the past the market town of Modra and Trnava. Štefanovčania previously used the nearest railway station in Báhoň (8 km). Currently, the bus service directed to more distant station in Cífer (10 km). Direct road link with neighboring Stefanova has BUDMERICE (3 km), Dolan (3,5 km) and often (3 km).

We have overcome struggles, battles, two wars, we survived cholera and plague, We found ourselves in political, economic, economic, social, social issues, but nevertheless we are still here. K 30. 05. 2019 a village Stefanova 359 residents. Alive in the room, with their worries and joys, in beautiful countryside, with nice people.