Rain garden in Štefanová village

In year 2023 the mayor of the village prepared an application for a subsidy for the project " Rain garden in Štefanová village " which was sent as part of the Individual Subsidy to the Office of the Bratislava Self-governing Region. On the basis of this request, the Bratislava self-governing region subsequently agreed to a subsidy in the amount of Štefanová 2.000,- €. The total value of the project after implementation reached the amount 15 033,36,- €.

The benefit of the project is to make the environment more attractive for the citizens of the village and passing tourists, rainwater harvesting and the joint fight against the adverse consequences of climate change. The output of the project is the addition of a beautiful relaxation zone with a rain garden and workout elements, where not only the residents of the village can spend quality free time or exercise, but also tourists and visitors to Štefanova. Adaptation measures have an impact not only in Štefanová, but they contribute to the common fight against climate change.

Project "Rain garden in Štefanová village" supported: