Oznámenie o verejnom podujatí –; NAY GRAN FONDO road cycling race

On 4.8.2024 (Sunday) a public sports event will be held - road cycling race NAY GRAN FONDO Bratislava – 3. year of studies, which will pass through the village of Štefanová.

The event will take place from 10,00 do 16,00 throw. with start and finish at OC Bory Mall, Bratislava Lamač. The expected passage of the peloton through the Štefanová village will be approx 11:35 throw.

The event is held under the auspices of the chairman of the Bratislava Region, Juraj Droba.

The support of the competitors from the spectators on the track is welcome.


Gran Fondo is a bicycle racing format, which originated in Italy, in year 1970 and quickly established itself in many countries of the world. Participants are different: from ambitious well-trained competitors, to hobby riders, individuals and collectives.

It competes in several categories, on a track with a length of at least 120 km, it is driven on the roads, times are measured by chips.

Detailed information about the event: https://granfondobratislava.sk/