Events in Cíferi

We cordially invite you to events in Cífer: Theater performance Lover, Detský Cífer fest p Miro Jaroš and Concert group Kollarovci.


OZNAM –; collection of oil from households

Obec Štefanová oznamuje občanom, The municipal office informs the citizens day 18.8.2023 t. j. v piatok sa bude prevádzať zber oleja z domácností.

Ďalší zber sa bude realizovať:


Ponuka práce na pozíciu pomocná sila –; maid

Special purpose equipment of the NR SR Častá Papiernička is looking for a suitable candidate

; for a vacant job position auxiliary force-maid starting from 1. October 2023, indicative functional salary based on recognition of years of experience and after a probationary period of approx 900 €

The requirements and advantage is:

; relation to housework, cleanliness, cleaning

; health card (is not a condition)

Contact for CVs:

Exclusions on lines 506, 545, 550 a 551

Reconstruction of road III/1090 Doľany – Budmerice and III/1095 Budmerice – Báhoň

Reconstruction of the road it starts already 17.04.2023 (next monday) and it should last do 30.06.2023.

Due to the unification of the mentioned roads during the reconstruction and during the duration of other reconstructions in the region we need to redirect the lines 506, 545, 550 a 551.


OZNAM –; oil collection

We inform the citizens, that day 14. April 2023 t. j. on Friday, the collection of used cooking oil will take place.